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Women's Impact Circle

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Together, we invest in the lives of students and empower women philanthropists to impact our community.

Our Mission

The Los Rios Women’s Impact Circle (WIC) is a women’s collective giving organization dedicated to raising funds to support the Los Rios Student Emergency Fund. Through their membership in WIC, women across the region support students by paying an annual $100 membership fee (minimum).

We are enlisting volunteers who will encourage other women to participate. This grassroots effort to build a robust endowment and provide current use grants is an important way that we can provide Los Rios students with emergency grant funds both now and in the future.

About the Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund gives immediate financial help to Los Rios students experiencing emergencies, so they can continue progress toward a certificate or degree. The kinds of emergencies that our students face include illness, fire, assault, death in the family, and homelessness – and yet our students continue to go to classes.

Through support of the Student Emergency Fund, donors have helped hundreds of students and their families into places of much-needed safety and security.

Over the past ten years, we have seen just how critical the Student Emergency Fund has become to the success of our students. Our goal is to grow an endowed fund, so that we have a predictable and reliable base of support each year and raise much-needed current support.

Become a WIC Member

You can become a member for just $100 per year!

100% of your gift goes directly to students and helps build an endowment that will provide a steady, dependable source of support for future students.

Membership Benefits

You will be invited to the annual Women’s Impact Circle Celebration, where you will meet other like-minded women as well as recipients of the fund.

Membership Levels

The following are our annual membership levels.

WIC Membership – $100

A commitment to join for at least 3 years is encouraged

Celebration Membership – $250

Includes a complimentary ticket to the Women’s Impact Circle Celebration

Impact Membership – $500

Includes a complimentary ticket to the Women’s Impact Circle Celebration, plus one for a friend that you’d like to introduce to WIC

Leadership Membership – $1,000+

Includes an invitation to join the steering committee and two tickets to the Women’s Impact Circle Celebration

Join Today

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