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Procedures for Handling Accessibility Issue Reports

Request Initiated

Upon receipt of an email from a person raising an accessibility issue concern (the “Requester”), the employee who receives it ( the “Intake Person”) will respond by email, within three business days, to the Requester to acknowledge receipt of the inquiry and ascertain, if it is not apparent from the request, what the need is. The Intake Person should strive to communicate within one business day if possible and ensure this function is covered when they are ill or on vacation. If the inquiry does not raise a disability accessibility issue, it shall be dealt with through other college process.

Resolution Process

From there, the Intake Person will direct the request to the appropriate person to resolve the request (the “Resolution Person”).

The Resolution Person will follow up with the Requester, determine what needs to be done, and set a deadline for the completion of the request. The Resolution Person will also let the Intake person know the nature of the solution and the anticipated time frame for the solution.

Upon resolution of the request, the Resolution Person will notify the Intake Person that the matter is resolved and the date of resolution. The Intake Person will then notify the Requester in writing (i.e., email or regular mail) that the problem has been resolved from the District/College’s perspective and invite further inquiry.

Retention of Requests

The Intake Person will maintain a log that includes: the date of receipt of request; the date of the Intake Person’s follow-up contact; the request; the name of the Resolution Person; the date of the Resolution Person’s follow-up contact; the expected time frame for resolution of the request; and the date the request was fulfilled. That log will be retained by the Intake Person for three school years after the year it was created.

Periodically (annually or bi-annually) the Intake Person and their supervisor will review the log to assess times for resolution and the deviation between the time resolution is promised and when it is actually provided. That review should provide for improvement of the process where deficiencies are found.

Updated March 15, 2018