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There are three kinds of fundraising: internal, external, and third party.

Internal Fundraising

Internal fundraising typically takes place on campus and engages the campus community (students, staff, and faculty). Funds raised through internal fundraising benefit the department or club that is hosting the fundraiser and should be deposited into that department or club's account.

Examples of internal fundraising:

  • On-campus bake sale
  • Selling t-shirts, roses, or artwork at a club fair
  • Ticketed performance
  • Personal chore services (car washes, yard clean up)

The college cannot issue gift receipts for this type of fundraising due to IRS regulations.

How to Plan an Internal Fundraiser

If you are interested in coordinating an internal fundraiser, then please work with your college's Office of Philanthropy for approval.

External Fundraising

Examples of external fundraising include:

  • Asking a person, business, or organization for a cash gift
  • Asking a person, business, or organization for an in-kind donation (a donation of tangible goods, equipment, food, and so on)
  • Holding a fundraising event
  • Applying for a grant from a foundation or company

How to Plan an External Fundraiser

If you are interested in coordinating an external fundraiser, then you must get approval from the Los Rios Colleges Foundation office.

Third Party Fundraising

Third party fundraising is philanthropic support provided to an organization outside of the Los Rios Community College District.

Example of third party fundraising include:

  • Organizing a food drive for a local food bank (other than the college food pantries)
  • Volunteering at a local nonprofit as part of a class project
  • Raising funds in support the Red Cross following a major emergency event

We enthusiastically support these activities and of the culture of philanthropy they promote; however, Los Rios Colleges Foundation cannot make a donation towards these efforts. Our Articles of Incorporation allow us to operate exclusively on behalf of the Los Rios Community College District and its constituent communities.