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The Brice and Barbara Harris Fund for the Fine & Performing Arts (Harris Arts Fund) began in 1999. It supports teaching and learning activities related to educational arts programs.


All Los Rios employees involved in programs or activities related to the fine and performing arts are eligible to apply for Harris Arts Fund grants.

Apply Online

Funding requests are accepted year-round and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds are exhausted for the semester.

Apply for Harris Arts Fund

Make Your Application Competitive

The following types of projects stand out and are more likely to receive grant money:

  • Unique teaching and learning opportunities that are not normally afforded by college operational funds
  • Projects that serve as “cultural carriers,” which promote cultural competence and an understanding of cultural continuity and change
  • Projects that help students develop skills in analysis, critical thinking, and creative imagination
  • Projects that connect the college to the community (and especially to young people) in the arts
  • Projects that help make the connection between the importance of the arts in education and a healthy society
  • Projects that enhance the ability of faculty to inspire student interest and ability in the arts

Award Acknowledgement

After the completion of the project, you must provide the Foundation with an example of the impact the grant made. Examples include:

  • A recording of the performance
  • Photos of the event
  • A program or flyer
  • A piece of art that was generated
  • A written narrative of the project

Any printed material or publicity for events utilizing the Harris Arts Fund must contain the following acknowledgement:

This program (project) was funded in whole or in part by a grant from the Brice and Barbara Harris Fund for the Fine & Performing Arts.

Funding for Harris Arts Fund Grants

The total funding available for Harris Arts Fund grants is about $10,000 district-wide. The maximum amount available to any one applicant is $2,500.

The number of grants awarded and amount of each grant depends on the number of applications we receive. Grant funds cannot be used for on-going program support or for the regular salaries or wages of Los Rios employees.

Examples of Previously Funded Projects

American River College

  • Artist Lecture Series
  • Ceramic Art Conference
  • Summer Jazz Workshop
  • Vocal Jazz CD
  • Vocal Jazz Recording Project
  • Vocal Jazz Seattle Performance
  • World Music Concert Series

Cosumnes River College

  • 21st Century Printmaking
  • Choir Performance Attire
  • Inter-Media Art Workshop
  • Student Mural
  • Wired & Wireless Photographic Shooting Platform

Folsom Lake College

  • Disability Awareness Art Show
  • Physical Education Mural
  • Student Art Display Case
  • Student Metal Art Work Display

Sacramento City College

  • Iconic Image Student Show
  • Latin Jazz Workshop
  • Permanent Art Collection Preservation Project
  • Shakespeare Festival