Los Rios Promise

What is a Promise Program?

Promise programs are scholarship programs that make tuition free for at least one year of college.

Eligibility criteria differ, but most promise programs are offered to incoming freshmen from specific high schools or municipalities.

The goal of promise programs is to increase college completion and create a talented workforce that grows the economy and improves a region's quality of life.

Benefits for Students

Promise programs create a college-going culture because families understand that their children can afford to go to college. When properly designed, promise programs improve high school GPA, increase attendance at public schools, generate greater enrollment in college, and increase the chances that students will complete a college degree or certificate.

These benefits are greater for minority and female students – especially when promise programs make no distinctions beyond residency and provide clear tuition guarantees. They provide a clear path and direct assistance for students through middle school, high school, community college, and often four-year college or university.

Donor Support for Promise

Right now, we can offer a tuition-free first year to all first-time students who enroll at a Los Rios college. With the help of our partners, we want to extend this offer to a second year.

Funding for a second year is possible with a combination of aid from the California College Promise Grant (formerly BOG fee waiver), AB 19 and Pell grants, tax dollars from local municipalities, and private philanthropy. Initial estimates suggest that this type of program would cost $1.3 million per year.

Your donation to promise programs will help provide a second year of tuition-free college to students. With additional funds, we can offer financial support beyond tuition fees, covering the costs of things like books, transportation, room and board, and so on.

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors

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