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Whether you attended just one class at ARC, CRC, FLC, or SCC; took the coursework required for a degree or certificate; or transferred to a 4-year university, you are a Los Rios alum! We invite you to maintain your relationship with Los Rios by joining the alumni association of the campus or campuses with which you most closely identify.

We hope you'll join an alumni association, and as you do, take a moment to share your story with us. Today's students are inspired by you and your fellow alumni and can learn from your personal educational journey!

Alumni Association Membership

Membership in the Alumni Association is free; simply submit the following form and we will send you a digital membership card. For more information, check out our digital membership FAQ page.


Alumni Association members receive the following benefits:

  • Alumni Association e-newsletter
  • Library borrowing privileges (does not include use of library computers and online databases)
  • Discounted admission to home athletic events
  • Discounted clothing and gifts at the college store
  • Alumni Association license plate frame or decal sticker (item varies depending on availability)

Learn More About Our Alumni Associations

To learn more about making an impact on current Los Rios students, please visit the alumni website for your home campus.