How To Make A Gift

All contributions, small or large, from individuals, corporations, and foundations are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Gifts can be made in a variety of ways to the Los Rios Foundation.

  • Give Online: Make an online gift using your credit card or bank account. You may make your gift ongoing by selecting "recurring" as an option.
  • Establish a Student Scholarship: Help students┬áby offering a scholarship, named in honor of a loved one or business. You might also consider giving a scholarship for textbooks and other associated academic costs through the LRF Student Success Fund. Support is also provided by the LRF Student Emergency Fund, which helps students stay in school when they experience an unexpected crisis.
  • Employees Only - Payroll Deduction Form: Our employees are some of our most generous supporters, and we depend on them to help us fulfill our mission to students. If you are already an employee donor, thank you! If not, consider making a monthly payroll deduction to the college or program of your choice.
  • Gifts of Cash - Cash gifts may be used where the need is greatest or you may designate to a specific college, department or scholarship fund. Maximum charitable income tax deductions are received for cash gifts.
  • Gifts of Personal Property - Works of art, books, and furnishings are considered gifts of tangible personal property. Gifts of this kind feature attractive tax benefits, when they can be used by the college for its charitable purposes. (Please contact the Los Rios Foundation or a college foundation office to discuss the guidelines for making a gift of personal property.)
  • Gifts of Property - Gifts of non-cash property, such as securities or real estate to the Los Rios Community College District through the Foundation can provide attractive tax benefits. Property that has increased in value and has been held long enough to qualify as long-term property can be a beneficial contribution. You avoid paying capital gains tax, and in most cases, also receive a tax deduction for the full value of the gift. If you have property that has decreased in value at the time you make your gift, you could consider selling that property first and then contributing the proceeds to the Los Rios Foundation. This will allow deductions for both the capital loss and the charitable gift. Contact the Foundation Office for easy instructions on how to make gifts of stocks, mutual funds or bonds, or real estate. (We recommend that you contact your professional advisor for counsel and advice when making a gift of property.)
  • Gifts for the Future - You can plan a gift that will benefit the colleges in the future by naming the Foundation in your will, establishing a charitable remainder trust, or establishing the Foundation as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy or retirement account.Our staff and investment committee will be glad to provide additional personalized information on a gift of the future. (Planned gifts often have tax implications; we recommend that you contact your professional advisor for counsel and advice.)

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