Student Emergency Fund

The Los Rios Student Emergency Fund provides immediate financial assistance to students involved in emergency situations so that they can continue their progress towards a certificate or degree.

Since 2009, the Los Rios Foundation has awarded $165,156 to 245 students at American River, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento City colleges, students who were homeless, students who lost family members or whose homes were destroyed by fire, students who couldn't afford to feed their families or who were the victims of violent crimes, and yet they were determined to finish the education they had started at Los Rios.

We need partners like you to ensure that this struggle continues to end in success. The Student Emergency Fund is completely funded through the generosity of our donors. Please consider making a donation to this crucial program.

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If you are a student who would like to apply for a Student Emergency Fund grant, you can get an application at your campus from the following locations:

American River College:  Student Support Services (Kolleen Ostgaard)
Cosumnes River College:  Student Support Center (Shelly Charron)
Folsom Lake College:  Student Success & Support Programs (Angie Williams)
Sacramento City College:  CalWORKS (Ramona Cobian)

Meet two recipients of the Student Emergency Fund:

marquetteMarquette Jefferson, ARC Alumni 

Almost two years ago, the Los Rios Foundation gave Marquette Jefferson a check for $400.    Marquette was a student at American River College (ARC) studying Journalism.  The single father with half-time custody of his daughter, then age 6, found himself to be stuck in a case of bureaucratic confusion.  Marquette’s bank account had been wrongly frozen after his child support payment was not recorded, even though he had been faithful and timely in making his payments.  This prevented him from paying for his tuition and textbooks.  After hearing his story, the Los Rios Foundation awarded him the funds to stay in school through the Student Emergency Fund.  When Marquette graduated from ARC and transferred to CSUS, he was determined to give back.  Marquette made a personal contribution to the Los Rios Foundation in the amount of $400, giving back to the Student Emergency Fund – his way to say thank you and help other students in need.

Tamara Knox, SCC Student

Description: Knox experienced much sorrow in her life at the hands of her husband, who physically abused her.  The volatile marriage resulted in having a wonderful son, but sadly she had three miscarriages from the abuse.  After the last abusive incident, her now ex-husband, was convicted of the crime and was imprisoned.  Before she was married, Tamara went to Sacramento City College and completed her General Education courses at and transferred to receive her Business Administration Degree from CSUS.  After her divorce, Tamara returned to SCC and became a photography student, a passion she has loved, but wasn’t allowed to do while married.  With her son as her little assistant, Tamara found that through her passion for photography, she could inspire other victims of domestic violence and created a book of photographs titled, Standing Tall, Triumphs of Domestic Violence Survivors.  Tamara applied for the Student Emergency Fund award when she learned that her ex-husband was being released from prison early and knew she was in danger and needed to relocate quickly.   Tamara was awarded a grant to assist with some of her relocating expenses.  She will graduated with an A.A. in photography, and certificates in photojournalism and digital imaging.  Without the support of the Student Emergency Fund, Tamara said she feared she would have no choice but to drop out of school. Tamara said going back to school has not been easy, but feels fortunate for the support she received and is excited about her future.