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Join us May 3rd as the greater Sacramento region comes together for this annual 24-hour giving challenge. This year, your donation will directly support our Textbook Assistance Program.


 “Thank you to the helpful donors who helped me so I could actually afford groceries for a month and not waste money on a pricey book!”
–Sacramento City College Student, Textbook Assistance Program Recipient


A community college education may be one of the most affordable in higher education, but textbooks still average $1,918 a year for our students. And just like that Sacramento City College student, many Los Rios students face the difficult decision of whether to buy textbooks or pay for basic necessities like food, rent and transportation.


That’s why we need you!  On this Day of Giving, help Los Rios students focus on completing their education by donating to the Textbook Assistance Program. Because no would should have to decide between going hungry or paying for school books.


You don’t have to wait! Click the button below to make a BDOG donation today!

Give to the Los Rios Colleges


How you can make a difference:

  1. Spread the word. Tell your friends, post on Facebook, and tweet about it. This is an opportunity to be part of something really big!  
  2. Make a donation (starting as small as $25) to the Los Rios Foundation at